Across the Table Interview Archives


Charlotte Homeschooling is sitting “Across the Table” from the people who help to shape and influence the lives of homeschoolers everywhere. In this series of interviews Charlotte Homeschooling sits across from homeschoolers, business owners, writers, ideas people and much more.

Our goal in these interviews is to help educate and inform homeschoolers, not sell a products. We hope we fulfill our goal and you enjoy every minute.

Super Kicks Karate

Sam Wegert – Master Instructor

Interview: June 2015

Though gaining a black belt in Karate is important to Master Instructor Sam Wegert helping kids with career choices is even more important. Are you up to a career in Karate?

To find out more go to: Super Kicks Karate

Sparks Martial Arts “HomeKicks”

Sensei Kris Sparks

Interview: March 2015

With the success of the first “HomeKicks” Homeschooling Martial Arts class Sensei Kris Sparks returns to update us on the progress of the program, its affect on the kids and a new class starting soon.

To find out more go to: Sparks Martial Arts Website


ChoicePoint Achievement Foundation

Gina Herald – Chief Development Officer

Interview: July 2014

ChoicePoint makes it their passion to help parents and kids assess the skills and personal levels of students to determine their best path in life.

To find out more go to: ChoicePoint Achievement Foundation

Chaim Goldman – Co-Founder

Interview: Apr 2014 promotes natural health through the teaching of the bible

To find out more go to:

Sparks Martial Arts

Sensei Kris Sparks – Owner

Interview: Dec 2013

Sensei Kris helps kids develop self esteem and physical endurance with Martial Arts.

To find out more go to: Sparks Martial Arts

Yeti Robotics

Lia Schwinghammer – Lead Mentor

Interview: Aug 2013

Lia helps kids learn skills and gain self confidence through the use of robotics. She is the lead mentor for Yeti Robotics team.

To find out more go to: Yeti Robotics

See and find out more about the robot:

Teach Them the Faith

Dan and Karen Vitco – Creators of Teach Them the Faith

Interview: July 2013

Dan and Karen have put their faith to music to enhance the spiritual side of children and adult’s lives. They “Teach Them the Faith” through music and love.

To find out more go to: Teach Them the Faith

Storyland Celebrations

Teresa Stevens – Owner of Storyland Celebrations

Interview June 2013

Teresa magically tells stories that entertain and educate at the same time. Her unique style of storytelling enhances a child’s ability to use critical and creative thinking to bring new light to the classics.

To Find out more go to: Storyland Celebrations

Project Scientist

Sandy Marshall – Founder of Project Scientist

Interview May 2013

Sandy’s own passion and love of science along with a desire to introduce it to her daughter brought her to a place where she wanted to start something to promote science. Sandy saw the gap between men and women in science and wanted a way to encourage young girls to enter into the world of science. Thus “Project Science” was born!

To find out more go to: Project Scientist

Homeschooling for College Credit

Jennifer Cook DeRosa – Author of Homeschooling for College Credit

Interview April 2013

Jennifer shares her knowledge, hints and tips for homeschoolers preparing their child for college. Best means for achieving top scholarship! How to prepare curriculum at the high school level to be best prepared for college. Over coming myths and much more.