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Sponsoring Options

Monthly Update Email Sponsorship

Monthly Update Email Sponsorship – Adding up to a paragraph about your business linked to your business’ website on Charlotte Homeschooling monthly (sometimes twice a month) update and news email sent to all members of the Charlotte Homeschooling website.

3 Month Sponsorship Package – $ 195

6 Month Sponsorship Package – $ 375

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Featured Event Sponsorship

Featured Event Sponsorship – The above event sponsorship plus your listing will be featured at the top of the events page, on the site main page, sent out to each member via email and posted to Facebook.

3 Month Sponsorship Package – $ 225

6 Month Sponsorship Package – $ 435

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Welcome Packet Coupons/Information Sponsorship

We have a welcome packet that goes out to all members and each new member. We put businesses that wish to offer coupons or information out to the homeschool community in North Carolina and South Carolina.

3 Month Sponsorship Package – $ 435

6 Month Sponsorship Package – $ 750

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Rotating Ad Sponsorship

Prominently place an advertisement on pages of the charlottehomeschooling.com website.

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Across the Table Interview Sponsorship

Do you have an idea, business, talent or more that you would like to educate the homeschool world on? This might be the place.

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Contact Us for more information at 704-557-0045 or Email at: chsinfo@charlottehomeschooling.com

Disclaimer: Charlottehomeschooling.com has the right to refuse any advertiser due to content we feel inappropriate to the philosophy and members of this site. We are here to support the members first and foremost.