Across the Table Sponsorship


Interview Sponsorship


Charlotte Homeschooling wants to educate homeschoolers and everyone about business, books, art, fun, people and much more. In the series of interviews we attempt to enlighten our viewers to what people do, what makes them tick and how they do it. Our goal in making these interviews is to educate not sell you on anything.

question_markDo you have an idea? Have you written a book? Do you have a successful career or business that you are proud of? Is there a special talent you have that you would like to share with the world?

This might be the place to start!

Here is how it works:

  1. You make a request to be interviewed
  2. We come to your “table” whereever it is locally in Charlotte (out of state would be interviewed via telephone or skype) to record the interview
  3. We would produce the video interview
  4. We would put it up on the site and send notice to all members that it is there.
  5. If you would like a custom copy with your intro and logo we can provide that also


Benefits to the Business or Organization

  1. Exposure to thousands of homeschoolers via our site, Facebook and Pinterest
  2. Educating the homeschoolers about your industry, business or talent
  3. Soft selling homeschoolers – no heavy commercial but selling through exposure, experience and education
  4. Get a great marketing video piece for your company’s promotion and marketing
  5. Making an impression that will last a long time and be remembered

Here are the cost involved: (Yes there are some cost to cover our time and energy!)

We charge $ 250 to cover the cost of our travel and production, we really want your story yet we have to be realistic in covering our cost.

If you want a custom copy with your intro, logo and information and custom ending we can do that for you to use for your marketing. We charge an additional $ 100 over the initial charge for that service.

In either case you will get a copy in digital format of the video itself.

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